As I write this, the northeast is getting pounded with snow. Here at Peepsnake, not so much; we are based down in the south in Atlanta, Georgia. I find out when inclement weather is about to strike up there when I receive a timely email, not from The Weather Channel, CNN or FOX, but from our retail partner QVC in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Peepsnake on QVC

These safety-related emails are warning vendors about traveling during blizzards to the QVC Studios during the 24-hour live broadcasts. Yes, they actually do air LIVE 24-hours every day! I experienced this first hand. No, not the NE blizzards, but…


After a successful on-air experience in 2015, I was thrilled to be invited to go back on-air in 2016. I traveled once again to PA, this time to join other inventors in the September 13th inaugural QVC Sprouts Show hosted by Elise Ivy, between the 4 and 5 AM hour.

QVC 24 hours

{ 2:00am Arrival } As the sign inside the studio states, “…never sleeps.” { 2:30am Hair/Makeup } Being pampered at any hour is okay by me. { 3:00 Consult with Host } Elise is just as nice and beautiful as she appears on TV! { 4:30 LIVE on-air to present Peepsnake } We did our best to capture any eyes that were up in the wee hours!

Peepsnake on QVC

“80 inches long so you have a lot of versatility on how you want to wear this scarf.”

Peepsnake on QVC

“The Peepsnake window even works with touch gloves.”

Peepsnake on QVC Elise

How cute is Elise in her Peepsnake?!! This is the picture taken during the live show when I demonstrated my Peepsnake back camera window.

Some takeaways from my EARLY MORNING on-air experience:  1) There are actually people up and shopping at that hour– but not many. 2) I should have drank more coffee! It’s not easy to fabricate high energy. 3) Find the silver lining no matter what the circumstances. Through the years, I have built a network of fellow women inventors. That morning, I added a new inventor friend to my support group, Andrea from Baratessa Jewelry, who is pictured above behind Elise waiting to go on-air next.

Here is the video of Elise and me presenting Peepsnake to the viewers at 4:30AM!!

Have an invention you want to get on the most beloved home shopping channel? I can help walk you though it! With my QVC experience, from my first contact to becoming an on-air guest through the years, I can guide you moving forward along your path. Reach out to me!

Read How I got my product on QVC – Part 1 here.


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