Peepsnake had the pleasure of participated in Atlanta’s AmericasMart trade show, introducing our all-season lightweight knit Smartphone Sash to buyers around the southeast. We loved meeting new customers, and were thrilled when past Peepsnake® buyers came by to express how they are using their purchase. What we heard most from buyers:  “great idea” – “unique” – “I need this for my next trip!”

As the show progressed, we heard a pattern of questions being asked. I’m sharing the answers here with you, thinking, if they had questions, maybe you do to.

1. Yes, there are multiple ways to wear it. In cooler weather, you can secure a Peepsnake on as a multipurpose scarf. When it is hot, I like to tie it around my waist hands-free. And for everyday use, wear it as a cross body or as a stylish shoulder fabric bag. *Note: Watch the tutorial video here, and look for the ‘Ways to Wear’ graphic insert included in each Peepsnake package.

Peepsnake travels to Nashville

2. Yes, you get the whole strip of fabric with attached phone pocket and additional pouch. Carry just what you need while securing your phone on you while using. This helps you avoid leaving your phone behind, say on a restaurant table or in your Uber ride, or getting it stolen right out of your hands, which just happened to my 12-year old niece.

3. Yes, Peepsnake is stadium approved to bring into football games. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that most NFL and college stadiums have banned purses and bags. They want you to put all your personal item (i.e. Tampons!) in a clear bag for all eyes to see.  Avoid this by wearing your essentials on you in a Peepsnake scarf.

Peepsnake Aurburn Game Day Colors

4. No, an iPhone 6 with an Otterbox case will not fit into a standard pocket. Yes, it will fit into our Peepsnake with an XL window sized to fit the iPhone 6 Plus and larger Android. No, a Plus-sized phone with an extra large case will not fit into any of the pockets, but you could remove the case to use. *Note: The phone glass and vinyl window will naturally ‘stick’ during touchscreen use. To remove phone from pocket, unzip, and run fingers in-between vinyl and glass to separate, and then slide out.

5. Yes, the All-Season Peepsnake has water-resistant pockets. So walk on the beach avoiding a sandy and salty phone, access your phone on your drizzly commute, and take pictures of your kids playing while the snow falls. Stay dry and carry on!

Peepsnake on beach walk

6. Yes, you can actually hear and talk through the conductive window. And Yes, you can work your phone through the window while wearing your texting gloves.

Peepsnake window scarf
Peepsnake with texting gloves

7. No, we are not going on Shark Tank as of now (Yes, the number one question!) but… Yes, we are going back on-air on QVC this fall, September 13th!

More info to come about Peepsnake on QVC LIVE…