A graphic designer by trade, inventor by observation, and entrepreneur by hard work… Susan Bee Walker is owner and designer at Susan Bee Goods and inventor of Peepsnake® The Smart Phone Scarf.

Fall 2010, juggling phone, keys, and lip balm on a soccer field, I was trying to take a picture of my four-year old playing in his first game. I dropped everything in the MUD!! I thought “There’s gotta be a better way.”– I didn’t want to lug a purse around the soccer field; or worry about dropping, losing, or leaving my phone behind; and avoid dragging my phone in and out of pants or jacket pockets but be hands-free. I wanted accessibility, security, and convenience. Doesn’t everyone?

Moving along raising and organizing kids, and devoted to my iPhone to keep it all going, I started altering my accessories to fit my own dirt-free needs. Serendipitously, my husband said, “You do realize this is how new products are born? If you have a problem, chances are other people share the same problem.”

After thousands of hours of research, development, and bootstrapping… the patented Peepsnake® launched in Fall 2012. The Smart Phone Scarf secures a very important and jolly fan supporter just in time for the holiday season!

After enjoying six years of amazing press shoutouts, selling live on-air QVC, and being invited to be an Amazon Prime distributor, Peepsnake graduated to college in Fall 2018 with a licensing deal! Update: The inventor’s dream… I received my first royalty check!

What am I doing next? I’m creating, designing, marketing, and moving your business ideas forward.

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  1. Well I for one am impressed and oh so curious. Glad to see the better half is a lot prettier than and now just as smart as the old man. I can’t wait to see what the Peepsnake looks like. The whole world needs some where to put their I-Phone without using that geeky belt attachment. Please figure out how to comfortably carry your prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses too. You can call it the boll weevil! Best of luck…..Bill Bear

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