Has Peepsnake been on a hiatus?… Yes and No.

We are still selling our much loved smartphone scarf, but now only on Amazon. Happily, QVC sold out of our fleece phone scarves, and Emerson Street Clothing Co. licensed our patent to place their own stadium-approved cell phone scarf emblazed with your favorite college logo.

I gotta tell you though. Not a day goes by that I personally still don’t use my phone scarf. Really, how much do I need to carry around in my daily life. Especially now with my excessive walking “trips” around the neighborhood.

When I’m out “exploring”, I do like to have my phone, my ID, a lip balm, and a tube of sunscreen, and now, my hand sanitizer. Wanting to remain hands-free, I still wish to have instant access to my phone and other essentials for safety and convenience. 

Came across these pictures from on our trip to stunning Lake Tahoe last year. We went on a few hikes, exploring the amazing landscape. Oh to dreaming of traveling again soon!

Convenient. Hands-free. Not a lot to keep up with.
Blue skies taken through the back camera window.
Even at night.
Phone stays dry.
No juggling phone and other essentials.
Capturing the beauty through the camera window. No dropping phone.
Here’s the photo.
Taking it all in. I miss this.
Even the bears approved :)

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