Peepsnake on QVC

I got the opportunity to go LIVE on-air on QVC September 30th on the 7-9am Mornings Made Easy Show with Rachel Boesing and Dan Hughes. What an incredible experience!

Peepsnake was voted as the winner of QVC Sprouts Program (week 71) by Peepsnake and QVC customers. How did this ‘mompreneur’ get this opportunity to even get up for a vote? I just pursued it. Reach out, ask questions, get it done. (Start here.) Along the way, I made sure to keep all my friends and supporters engaged in my story and entrepreneurial path.

After winning the contest in November 2014, QVC put Peepsnake for sale on their website. We sold out in a week! Six months later, they invited me to take part in their “inventor” series they were launching Wednesday mornings. Six minutes to present my product on-air live! Of course I was nervous, but how could I turn down an unbelievable life experience like this? After my “guest” training class in August, I watched QVC diligently everyday for a month to see what presentation styles I liked and took notes.

Wow, did the 6 minutes go by fast! Overall, I got most everything I wanted to get in and was pleased with my presentation. Peepsnake sold out of 4 of the 6 colors by the end of the show and is currently growing a waitlist.

My take-away from my experience: Everyone that I interacted with on the set at QVC Live was helpful, friendly, supportive, and buttoned-up. They have quite the “family” there– I can see why millions of people tune in every day.

Peepsnake on QVC

Arriving at QVC, Inc. early in the morning.

Peepsnake on QVC

I started my morning with hair and makeup. So much fun!

Meeting with my host, Rachel, and the production team.

Peepsnake on QVC

 Social media time. Rachel facebooked this plug for Peepsnake on her page!

Peepsnake on QVC
Peepsnake on QVC
Peepsnake on QVC
Peepsnake on QVC

Some more quality time with Rachel to get prepared and go over notes. My sister-in-law Margaret taking pictures in the background through her Peepsnake!

Meeting with one of the models for instructions.

Peepsnake on QVC

Helping to get my display situated. It is coming together.

–> 7:00 am and the Show begins.

I was excited to see Rachel wearing Peepsnake in the main opening…

and throughout other segments in the show.

Peepsnake on QVC

–> 8:20 am and I’m about to go on next!

Peepsnake on QVC

Last minute calming down from Rachel? Actually, we were talking about our cats.

Peepsnake on QVC

And Peepsnake is LIVE!!!

What a GREAT morning. THANK YOU QVC!

As we head out, Margaret and I are giddy with excitement, reflection, … and exhaustion.

And at the end of the day, I arrive back to Atlanta to this! An awesome welcome home poster from my husband and boys, and a gathering of friends to celebrate.

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