For the next few days, I will be out-of-contact all day, in a closed-off seminar room with no windows, listening to how to become a better me (maybe I need some prayers.)  My awesome husband will continue the ‘Meaningful Easter Prayer and Meditation Activities’ over the weekend with the kids (maybe he needs some prayers.)

Fri, March 30th   2. Reflections– Gather together a collection of mirrors, one for each family member. Spend the quiet time ‘gazing into the mirror, and examining the reflection that stares back at you. Meditate on God’s abundant love for you.’ “Thank you God, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Sat, March 31st   3. Prayer Chain– ‘Prayer links us to God and to one another.’ Think about friends, family, and strangers that are in need of prayer. Write their names on strips of paper and tape ends together, forming a ring, linking to someone else’s ring, creating a continuous paper chain. ‘Joining your prayers with those of others can help link all of us more closely with God.’ Hang your paper chain up with your other Easter decorations, and add to it as the week moves along.

Sun, April 1st   4. Joyful Noise– String beads and bells onto thick thread to create a bracelet. ‘Wear your jewelry this week to remind you to make a joyful noise to the Lord wherever you go. Every time you hear the bells, thank God for someone or something in your life.’

The ‘text’ and prayers are replicated, with permission, from our youth minister, Robin. My comments on yesterday’s 1st activity: it was a little difficult for my 5-year-old to stay quiet at first, but after he got the intention, he drew-a-prayer for the dog, and my 10-year-old drew-a-prayer for the 5-year-old. Please share any revelations from your experiences in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

~Susan Bee

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