With bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and colored eggs around the corner, every year Easter seems to come up quickly after just recovering from the chaos of Christmas and Valentines Day with the kids. I scramble to dye some eggs with them, attend a few different egg hunts, and bam, Easter Sunday has come and gone. I end up feeling like I haven’t focused on the true Honor it deserves. Like a lot of families, we have some great Christmas traditions, but we seem to be lacking in purposeful Easter reminders.

This year, I started off the Lenten Season differently– instead of ‘giving-up’ something for Lent, I decided to ‘add-in’. One way was by choosing to help out more with the middle school at our church youth group. Wow, I didn’t expect to get as much, if not more, from them as they got from me. A few Sundays ago, I listened to our incredible youth minister, Robin, teach the youth a lesson series on Prayer and Meditation. I was immediately moved to share it with my own younger kids, and have decided to re-create these 8 Prayer and Meditation Activities at home.

Each day’s activity should take less than 15 minutes, and after an explanation, should be completed in silence. What I’m going to do is explain to my kids that prayer and meditation can be done anywhere, and through different experiences, not just thanking God for a nice day or a meal, or kneeling by a bed at night asking for things. I will remind them that God is always there for them to talk to, but also, God has a lot to tell us if we just stop and listen. Quiet our brain’s thoughts, and the noise around us, and listen for His direction.

© susan bee goods, llc

I’ve mapped out my days and activities, and I’ve decided to share them with my readers if any of you want to come along with us in this time of conscientious prayer and meditation. I counted back starting from the day before Good Friday, every day, for 8 gatherings. Below, I have listed my dates, activities, and supplies needed:

Thurs, March 29th   1. Draw-A-Prayer– paper and markers

Fri, March 30th   2. Reflections– collection of mirrors

Sat, March 31st   3. Prayer Chain– strips of paper, markers, tape

Sun, April 1st   4. Joyful Noise– small beads and bracelet-making thread

Mon, April 2nd   5. Burdens– cross symbol, post-it notes, pens

Tues, April 3rd   6. The Caring Corner– pictures of others that need prayers

Wed, April 4th   7. Confession– paper, pens, and paper shredder

Thurs, April 5th   8. Water– large bowl of water

Later this evening, I will have the kids draw a picture of someone or something they want to lift up, and we will hang them as our Easter decorations.  As the days progress, I will expound on the next activities, rotating between praying and praising God for others and then themselves. I would love to hear about your experiences, so please comment below.

~Susan Bee

2 thoughts on “8 Activities Toward a More Meaningful Easter

  1. Susan, I needed this! At our house we have eggs, chicks and Easter basket grass everywhere already- I was about to lose my perspective and take my kids with me… God is speaking to me through your blog. I am going to STOP the pastel madness and refocus our children. Thanks to you for the inspiration!

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