The Lesson Learned in my previous post was– Don’t tell anyone about your idea while you work it out, but if you must for some reason, have him or her sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). This was good advice I received from the very beginning from a friend who is a patent agent.  Lesson Learned –When seeking answers to initial business questions, use your friends and contacts!

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Anyway, I had done what every budding inventor does– go to Google to find info on a NDA and where to find one. I downloaded what looked to be a good generic one-page ‘lawyer-ed up’ form. During the beginning, when I was fine-tuning my ideas, I really only shared information, and gathered feedback, from my husband, teenage son, and a good friend. I did not make my husband and son sign a NDA, but sure enough, I had my friend sign one. She, being the good friend that she is, understood when I told her I needed to set a general policy to just make everyone sign one.

When I started looking into manufacturing on the first go around (that’s another conversation entirely), I was given my new, more detailed, and all-inclusive NDA, or CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT (linked below.)  After talking with a kind Southern Gentleman, the owner of a large manufacturing plant, he suggested I would be better protected with a more comprehensive form. I did show this new document to a business executive friend to make sure it fit with my particular product idea.  So, to my budding inventors out there, I will save you the leg work and share my all-inclusive form with you to download and use.  Because I have no legal authority though, always check with one of your knowledgeable friends, or better yet, an attorney,  to make sure it covers your needs.

~Susan Bee

Download pdf file:


Enjoy the Journey!

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