Everybody’s doing it. Blogging that is, right? After a number of friends inquired about how I jumped on the product development path, I decided a blog would be a good platform to share what I have learned with the ladies (and gents) seeking this information… and honestly, since I’m bootstrapping my start-up company, one of my steps is to teach myself how to create and run a website. Lesson Learned–As a start-up with very little or no seed money, you must REALLY believe in what you are doing because you WILL be doing most of the work yourself.

Do you ever think, “I wish I would have come up with that” when you see a unique product in the store? Well, maybe the developer of that product was just going about their day and thought, “I wish I had ‘this’ to make my life easier.” Maybe you’ve had a thought like that too? As my husband said to me when I had my inspiration, “You do realize that is how new products are born? If you have a problem, chances are other people share the same problem.” With some Internet research, you can see if others have the same initial idea as you, and therefore you can just go and purchase their brainchild. If you cannot find anything out there that solves your “I wish I had ‘this’ to make my life easier” problem, then get that pencil and paper out and start fleshing your idea out. Lesson Learned–Don’t tell anyone about your idea while you work it out, but if you must for some reason, have him or her sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

In the coming days, weeks, months, I will share my steps to my accidental invention, which included learning to use a sewing machine to create my own prototype (this coming from a girl that barely knew how to sew on a button.)

Here’s to a thoughtful day!

~Susan Bee

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4 thoughts on “An Inventor’s Blog

  1. Susan…..this is great….love the blog….keep up the great work! I’m always thinking of SOMETHING I could do that I love and be profitable at the same time….I guess that’s what happens when you turn 45 and your kids are 19,17 and 13! Will be followoing you!

    1. Thank you! It’s been fun to construct. I need to schedule a trip to your back yard to take some snow pictures. Maybe your son or daughter could test out my new product. :)

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