Your purse won’t make it to the game. Seriously… the NFL is banning them. But do you really want to carry your ultra personal belongings in a clear bag for everyone to see?

Here’s a more fashionable but still practical idea:  Peepsnake Phone Scarf will carry your smartphone and all other necessary things, hands-free, and in compliance with the NFL purse ban. Stadium-approved! No need to keep up with a handheld “clutch” or expose your feminine products in a clear bag. And best thing of all– you can use your phone while it is stored safely inside the pocket. Work your touchscreen through the clear window without removing it.

And it works with texting gloves.

No need to stuff your pants and jacket pockets, risking dropping and losing items. Peepsnake scarves come in team friendly COLORS for you! Check them out here.

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