Some of our customers using their Peepsnake scarves traveling, skiing, walking, shopping… anywhere you need your phone and a few personal items but don’t want to lug a purse. 

Peepsnake on ski lift

You’re on the ski lift, riding back up after an invigorating run. You have plans to meet, at the top, for lunch with your friends. You need to send them a text. Oh, look at that view! You have got to take advantage of capturing a picture of that incredible view from this high up. Whoa, this height! That is a loooong way down to be fumbling with your precious smartphone. Safety Note: Tuck both scarf ends securely inside your jacket while getting on and off the ski lift.

Peepsnake at the Kentucky Derby

Peepsnake Scarf and Fabric Sash goes to the Kentucky Derby in cross-body hands-free fabulousness.

Peepsnake smartphone scarf hikes out west, in Colordado.

Peepsnake hikes to the top of Mt Shavano at 14,229 feet in Colorado.

Peepsnake in Big Sky

Peepsnake in Big Sky, Montanta.

smart scarf for shopping and traveling eiffel tower

“Loved my Peepsnake all through Paris!” 

Peepsnake in Madrid

Peepsnake protects a phone in Madrid.

iphone scarf for shopping and traveling

Peepsnake in New York City! Don’t get your ‘apple picked’. Avoid taking phone in and out of your bag or pocket. Instead, get instant access to check map and texts while phone stays inside its pocket.

Peepsnake for kids

Our youngest customer rocking his ‘Peepsnake iPhone Scarf’ with his iPod Touch. He asked his mom to get him one for a Christmas present after he saw her wearing her Peepsnake.


Here is some pics of me thrown in :)

Peepsnake in Montana

Peepsnake strolls in the Beartooth Mountains, Montana.

Peepsnake in Lake Tahoe

Capturing a picture of the view in Lake Tahoe, California.

Susan Bee Walker, inventor Peepsnake smart phone scarf

Hands on the reins, yet safe with my phone.

Susan Bee Walker, inventor Peepsnake iphone scarf

Conceal or Reveal: Choose whether to conceal your phone, or reveal out front for quick access by the way you tie it on. Watch video on 10 different ways to wear here. The Peepsnake above is carrying an iPhone, ID, keys, credit card, cash, tickets to event, receipt for dinner, and lipstick– purse-free and hands-free.

Susan Bee Walker for the accessory to hold, carry, and secure smartphone crossbody

Another way to wear a Peepsnake– crossbody. I was out hiking with my boys, and my 10-year old actual came up with the idea. The temperature rose and I got warm with my scarf around my neck, so my son said, “Tie it around your body mom.” Well, there you go– still hands-free with all my essentials.

Pictures through the Peepsnake Back Window

The back camera lens window is original to the Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf. It allows you to capture your view one-handed and fumble-free, through the front or back window, without removing your phone from secure clear pocket.

iPhone Scarf photos
iphone scarf camera window

Creativity at its best!

back camera window

iPhone on moving ice. #dropfree #nofilter

iphone scarf camera window

Auburn Tigers vs. Vanderbilt Commodores Game. War Eagle!!

Susan Bee Walker for iphone scarf camera window

‘Selfie’ at the Auburn Game, taken with the front iPhone camera.

iphone scarf camera window
iphone scarf camera window

Nashville Wall Mural in Honky-Tonk joint. Note: For optimal photographic results, disable flash.

Capturing horseback riding lesson– iPhone stays dust-free and fumble-free behind window.

Stay Connected and Purse-free!