How did Peepsnake come about?

One drop of an iPhone® into the mud led to the creation of what Forbes now dubs the “clever everyday scarf.” Peepsnake® began as an idea to solve a problem for a busy mom of three boys trying to avoid lugging a purse around.

“When I set out to design a solution to prevent another dropped phone, I focused on three aspects- accessibility, convenience, and security.” says Peepsnake® inventor Susan Bee Walker.

Accessibility – To have quick access to use my phone without having to drag it in and out of a purse or pocket.

Convenience – Knowing exactly where my phone is instead of digging around looking for it.

Security – To protect my phone, keep it clean and dry, and not have to worry about cracking the screen or leaving it behind.

What is a Peepsnake?

Peepsnake loves your phone! Our patented touch-friendly accessories feature a clear conductive window pocket to use your smartphone through while stored inside; a clear back window to take photos and video through while inside pocket; and a separate zippered pouch on the other end to store additional essentials (key, cash, lip balm, even a passport). Keep your tech close and convenient.

During a recent visit to Quebec City, I experienced the genius of Peepsnake. I was able to text my family and stay in touch without having to drag my purse with me or dig into my pockets to pull out my phone. I love my Peepsnake and use it all the time. says one Peepsnake devotee Margaret Gibson of Roswell, GA. Both my daughters have one and I’ve given several as gifts to rave reviews

Peepsnake is for everyone and everywhere you want your items but don’t want to lug or keep up with a purse. Compatible with iPhones and Android. Protect you phone while enjoying:
sporting events – snow activities – festivals – hiking – shopping – traveling – dog walking 

Why is it called a “Peepsnake”?

When thinking of a name for my new techwearables, I was inspired by Skullcandy®, Nutcase®, and SPANX®. I like how these companies took the essence of their product and created a whole new word for their brand. The original inspiration for my invention was to be able to “peep”, or glance quickly, at my iPhone through the window without having to remove it from a pocket; while having it secured, or wrapped around my body like a “snake”, to avoid dropping my valuable smartphone. Did you know people use their smartphones an average of 104 times per day!? That’s a lot of peepsnaking!  ~Susan

Where do I buy a Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf?

We licensed our product to Emerson Street Clothing Company who is now making the Phone Scarf with your favorite college logo! We are selling our remaining inventory of the micro-fleece Peepsnake Smart Phone Scarf on Amazon here and here.