I like accessories that hold stuff because I have bad arthritis, so I need to have access to things easily. I wanted these for the holidays and shopping and visiting family. The purple is so pretty. It holds my phone which is great. I told my sister what to buy for me because I’m tired of getting presents I don’t like, so I got these and I’m happy.

QVC Customer

I ordered 2 of these scarves- pink and black. They arrived today. I love them. I use my phone for my shopping list, so this will be great. I always set my phone on a shelf when I am shopping. Then have to back track to find it. That won’t be a problem with this scarf! The pocket on the other side is a good size for keys or small wallet. They are well made. They are narrow enough to wrap around your neck and feel comfortable. They aren’t too bulky. Happy purchase!

QVC Customer

This is one of the best things I bought and a lot of people have asked me where I got it and told them where. It has been great having it when at the dog park as it saves me time trying to get it out of my pocket. so worth the price.


I have used this scarf several times since getting it for Christmas. It is very handy and I absolutely love the fact that I can use my phone without removing the phone. It’s awesome and I have received several compliments on it.

G Cook

Love this scarf!!! Carries all essentials hands free…perfect phone storage!

Rene B

I found this scarf looking for a different scarf to hide my phone and wallet. This one is actually better than the infinity scarf I was looking at because you don’t have to take the phone out of the scarf to use it. I realized, after a week in freezing cold Europe, that I much prefer having my phone in something protected like this scarf than taking it in and out of my pockets to take pictures. I used it today, and it was great to have the other pocket to carry my ID and eyedrops too. So convenient! I can’t wait to try it out the next time I travel.

Anne D

Bought these for Christmas presents ( 4 of them ) and the young ladies really like them.


This was purchased as a gift and everyone who sees it wants one!! Clever and useful item.

  Jonna S.

I wear this to soccer games, track meets, cross country meets, and when I go out with friends – no purse to keep up with! I like that you can still use your phone and take photos while it’s protected. And the extra storage area is perfect for keys, money, and lipstick. I own 2 of these scarves and love them both!

  Andrea P

Love this scarf! I can text, email, go online, talk, take photos through the plastic and carry keys, lipstick, cash etc. in the other zipper. Very nice quality. I get tons of great comments on it. Perfect for any soccer mom, sports event and when you just don’t want to lug your purse around!


This scarf is a nice quality fleece with plastic and zippers that look very durable. It will fit the bill perfectly as an accessory that I can use to walk my dogs hands-free with keys and phone nearby.


This is perfect for winter strolls – can’t wait to use it! I am happy to report that my Samsung Galaxy SIII phone fits in the pocket perfectly.

  Customer from Arlington, TX

The scarf is just perfect for walking and not having to have a handbag. I simply love it and have shown it to my friends to purchase too.

Karen B

Loved my Peepsnake all through Paris!

Katie  ~writer on assignment in France

I have bought Peepsnakes for myself (practical), my 38 year-old designer step-daughter in California (stylish) and a 15 year old boy (it MUST be hip, right?). Each of them has a perfect reasons for loving their Peepsnake. To me, it is a perfect gift for both genders of all ages.


Thank you so much for our Peepsnakes. We love them! When it started to be rainy and cold in NY I could use my phone without it getting wet. Love it! I had a lot of people do double takes and then ask me if my phone is in my scarf. I gave them the info. Thanks again!

Amy  ~shopping excursion in New York City

The window is more pliable than I thought it would be– It’s so fabric-like.

Kelly  ~fashion consultant

Just flew in to ATL and I must say, I was lovin’ my Peepsnake in the airport. I had my ID ready to go through security in the zippered pouch- no juggling. While walking and rolling suitcase, I had my iPhone right there to coordinate my pickup location. And bonus, I used it as a pillow on the plane!


Got them and was so impressed with how lovely they came wrapped and ready to be given. My Mom LOVES hers – was a B-day present given over the weekend and my Mother in Law will be getting one for Christmas as she travels a ton and will be great for her to be hands free while visiting ports on her next cruise in Europe this spring! Thanks so much!!!  {Update} The Peepsnakes were a HIT for my Mom and Mother-in-law Great way to stay organized on-the-go NO matter what the age!

Jennifer, blogger ‘From Payne to Gain Organizing

Received my scarf today & LoVe it! It’s the perfect soccer practice accessory w/ this crazy chilly at dusk NC fall weather.


Sara: Well, dropped my iPhone in a mud puddle while trying to get my baby, my work bag, purse, other bag etc. out of the car after work tonight. it’s currently sitting in a bag of rice. Susan: OK. I just have to say it because that is exactly what happened to me to bring on my invention, but “You should have been wearing your Peepsnake Scarf!!” Kat: That’s EXACTLY what I thought, Susan! She needed her Peepsnake! Sara: Susan, I had the same thought! Won’t make that mistake again. Peep use daily!

Sara , Kat, and Susan ~exchange between moms

Just got mine in the mail this week. I love the look and the ease of using the smartphone window. I thought I’d give it as a gift, but after seeing the styling and how useful it is, I’ll be using it this fall. Looks sharp, and I’ll never lose my iPhone at an outdoor concert again.

Dr. Drew

[About the Peepsnake Premium Black Diamond] I haven’t felt fleece like this— It feels like cashmere.


I just opened the mailbox and got my 2 Peepsnakes!  Awesome!  Love the snake tissue paper.  I gotta have 2 more!  Please let me know when the Tasman Sea is back in stock – or put me on a waiting list!


Seriously, the best idea!!!! My phone will never be lost, dropped off a lift skiing and is always handy. Not too mention it holds my lipgloss, keys, ID and money. Brilliant! When I don’t want to deal with a purse, the Peepsnake scarf is perfect!

Customer from Vail, CO

I bought a “PeepSnake” last year at Jondie in Franklin, Tn. I was excited about this new idea. So cool! I used it on a ski trip to Colorado. It came in so handy to have my phone , cards, and cash right there in one spot. I wear mine to the gym, on walks, to sport events, festivals…anytime I don’t want to take a purse. Great idea….love love love!

Lara B

My phone is nicely protected from the elements. The Peepsnake scarf is comfortable, and I was really happy that my camera could see out the window on the back.


Standing outside in the snow and slush for hours in 10 degree weather watching a parade, I was glad I had my iPhone protected inside my Peepsnake scarf. I was still able to use the camera and text through the window. The fleece surrounding my phone actually kept it warm and prevented it from shutting off.


We couldn’t keep Peepsnake scarves in stock, they sold out within a week. We, and our customers, love the quality and functionality. Our customers were immediately drawn to them, buying them for themselves or as gifts. After seeing people wearing them out and about, other customers came into our store asking to buy a ‘Peepsnake’ by name.

Rebecca, Owner/Stylist, JONDIE  ~Franklin, TN