Two Wearable, Cozy Gifts for the Smart Traveler
“clever everyday scarf” 

The New York Times 
Gifts for Keeping Warm and Connected while On the Go in Sunday Style Section
“operate the device without taking it out”
The Boston Globe
The Gear to Get in Sunday Travel Section 
“If you have ever fumbled with your cellphone while on a chairlift, left it behind at an après-ski bar, or tucked it into a pocket while skiing and missed an important call, then you will instantly recognize the benefit of this ingenious piece of winter gear.”

American Express Essentials 
Winter is Coming: 18 Winter Accessories to Plan for Now
Have a penchant for dropping your precious – we mean smartphone – while taking a ski lift selfie? Worry not, we have just the fix for that”
19 Stealthy Products That’ll Protect All Your Things
“So inconspicuous it’s inconceivable! …another pocket for things like keys and Cheetos.”

Belinda Skelton’s WSB Atlanta Living Show
My Inventor’s Story

Business Insider
The Coolest Ski Gear on the Market
“allow you to see your messages and playlist without taking your phone out of your pocket”
Snow Apparel 2014: The Latest Must-Haves
“allow you to keep and protect your phone and other small belongings while you ski and snowboard”
JEZEBEL Magazine
Smart Scarf
“We’re all wrapped up in Susan Bee Walker’s clever, stylish, and multitasking fashion accessory. ”
Pikes TV Commercial
Celebrating the Spirit of Christmas
(click on link above and scroll down to see video)

Hailey Bright’s BUZZNET Buzzmakers
Geek Chic Must-Have Winter Accessories
“The best part is- the scarf also comes with a zipper pocket allowing you to carry keys, ID, money, or even a passport wherever you go. ” 
HubPages Tech
Latest Cool Ski Gadgets for 2014 – 2015
“The Smart Phone (whether it’s an iPhone or Android) is one of the most popular gadgets to take on a ski trip. But how do you easily access it when you need to?” 
TrendHunter Tech
Smartphone-Enabled Scarves
“Look stylish and be the envy of everyone on the street with the iPhone scarf. ” 
All iStuff Tech
iPhone Scarf
“Carrying your phone in cold winter days does not have to be a challenge” 
Meet the Peepsnake iPhone Scarf
“It is designed to protect your items from dirt and drops especially when you don’t feel like carrying a purse.” 
Bit Rebels Tech
Behold the Scarf with Incorporated Wallet & iPhone Pockets
“When it comes to keeping your stuff safe, this has to be one of the more legit ways to do it.”
iPhoneness: Covering everything iPhone
iPhone Scarf
“In the past few years, we have covered many protective iPhone cases and accessories. The Peepsnake iPhone Scarf is a pretty unique iPhone holder. It is a scarf that holds your phone.” 

Reno News and Review
Snow patrol: Stay warm and connected this winter season
“If we’re honest with ourselves, the majority of our winter activities don’t require goggles and a breathing device. Most of the time gloves and a good scarf will get you through the day. The Peepsnake is an ingenious scarf that not only holds and protects your smartphone while you rush around in the snow; it allows you to use the device without making it vulnerable to the elements… Don’t worry, though. If you don’t want everyone to know you haven’t bought the new iPhone, it’s easy to conceal all of the pockets—and your embarrassingly non-hip phone.” 

Atlanta Social Seasons Magazine
p. 22: Shop Atlanta
“No more sitting on your phone. ”
Inspiring Women Magazine
Women’s Ingenuity in Action | Invention Product Reviews
“It will also keep your phone safe when your young kids play with it. They can’t drop it or goop it up with peanut butter and jelly fingers.” 
The Boston Herald
2013 Holiday Gift Guide
“Here’s the problem when you combine cold hands and winter layers on a frigid New England day: maneuvering a smartphone out of an inner pocket can be tricky…and it might end up with an expensive electronic gadget on a snow drift. Here’s the answer…” 
12 Cozy Tech Accessories for Winter Warriors
“quick access to your smartphone without compromising your warmth or your device’s safety.” 

Nashville Guru
Nashville Holiday Gift Guide 2012 
15-Minute Fashion

INTERNATIONAL PRESS:Business People Magazine (ITALY)
Realmente WEARABLE*

London Evening Standard (UNITED KINGDOM)
London’s Best Winter Tech 
Christmas Gift for Skiers 
“A useful thing for a lot of skiers: a scarf for valuables and mobile.”
Future Zone Technology News (AUSTRIA)
High on a Slope: Apps and Gadgets for the Slopes 
“Fashion and art is for the slopes a useful combination.”

Punto Informatico (ITALY)
La Peepsnake: Una sciarpa per smartphone
“In the back of the pocket is then a small window for the camera lens, to capture shots without removing the smartphone from the integrated holster .”

Peepsnake in
Peepsnake in BuzzFeed Life Press
 smart Phone Scarf in winter 2012 magazine
patent pending smart phone scarf
Peepsnake in the New York Times
Peepsnake in the New York Times