Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf

Why is it called a “Peepsnake”?  When thinking of a name for our new techwearables company, I was inspired by Skullcandy®, Nutcase®, and SPANX®. I like how these companies took the essence of their product and created a whole new word for their brand. The original inspiration for my invention was to be able to “peep”, or glance quickly, at my iPhone through the window without having to remove it from a pocket. Wearing it secured, or wrapped around my body like a “snake” to avoid drops and loss of my expensive smartphone. Did you know people use their smartphones an average of 104 times per day!? That’s a lot of dragging phone in and out if stored in a purse or pants pocket.

How do I use a Peepsnake?  Slide your iPhone or Android within the window pocket UPSIDE down and zip securely closed. Then simply flip up to use your touchscreen- text, email, access calendar, check map, work apps- and take photos and video through the back window.

What is best way to wear a Peepsnake?  Wrap, tie, tuck, and even wear as a cross-body fabric sash! Watch our video “Ways to Wear Your Peepsnake” to find your most comfortable way to wear your smartphone scarf.

Can I really take pictures and video through the window?   Absolutely! Through the back or the front window, you can quickly capture the action, including sound in your video. Note: For optimal photographic results, disable the flash.

Peepsnake take photes thru back window

What phones fit in a Peepsnake?  Window pockets come in different sizes. If you have one of the largest phones, iPhone 6 Plus or larger Galaxy, use a Larger XL Plus  options. Largest phones with large cases will need to have case removed to fit in pocket. If you have iPhone 6 or medium Galaxy, you can use any of All-season Knits styles and Comfy Fleece styles. The small phones, iPhone 5 will fit in any of the styles above. If you have a large case, size up in window size.

Will it be too heavy to wear my phone around my neck?  The fabric is cut in a way to minimize stretch on your neck, while the opposite end contains a pouch for other items to BALANCE the phone. Limit the amount of items you carry in the pouch to avoid excessive weight. Experiment with different ways of wrapping or tying and phone position on your body to see what feels right for you.

What is easiest way to quickly remove phone from pocket? While using your phone inside pocket, vinyl will naturally press against window glass. To remove phone easily from pocket, unzip pocket and run fingers in-between plastic and phone glass to separate from each other and then slide out.

My phone case has a sticky, rubbery surface. What is best way to get phone in and out of pocket?  Rubber cases are not ideal in a Peepsnake. We would recommend you removing that type of case before you place your phone inside pocket.

Can I wear my texting gloves with Peepsnake?  Yes, your texting gloves will work through the clear window while phone is inside pocket.

Peepsnake with texting gloves

What about using my earphones through my Peepsnake?  Yes, you can use your earphones. If your phone has port on top, plug cord in first, then slide phone in pocket upside down with cord running along side of phone and up through the zipper. Close zipper enough to secure phone but allow cord to come out for use. The iPhone 5,6, and most phones now have port on bottom, so because phone sits upside down in pocket, you will have direct access to plug in your cord. Wireless bluetooth headphones are ideal.

Help! I machine washed my Peepsnake and now the window is a little wrinkly. How do I fix this?If your Peepsnake window gets anything less than smooth, the solution is HEAT. Place an index card or other similar sized paper into window pocket after you take out your smartphone. Turn blow dryer onto window to heat up the vinyl, but keep far enough away as to not get it too hot. Leave flat to cool down for a couple of minutes and Voila!, the vinyl turns back beautifully clear and smooth. (Watch video) To remove any ‘smudges’ on window, wipe off gently with a damp soft cloth. We recommend hand washing to preserve softness; please hang to dry; and no ironing.

Can I talk on the phone while it is in the pocket?  Yes, the best way is when you are wearing earphones or using bluetooth, but you can actually hear through the window.

Peepsnake talk thru window

Where to wear a Peepsnake?

  • College and NFL, all sports fans Yes, Peepsnake is stadium approved so no need to carry around a ziplock bag exposing all your personal items.
  • Snow sports keep you and your phone dry, warm, and drop-free.
  • Après-ski activities– do you really want to carry or keep up with a purse or spend time digging thru your pockets to locate your essentials?
  • Festival-goers, shoppers, and dog-walkers be purse-free yet have quick access to your phone, for safety and one-handed fumble-free texting and photo-taking;
  • Travelers to securely carry your passport in zippered pouch; plus you can scan your airline ticket right through the Peepsnake window without having to drag phone in and out of purse or pocket.
  • Hikers and hunters– protect your phone from dirt and drops, yet still capture photos.
Peepsnake Signature Pink smartphone scarf

Note: We are not affiliated with Apple®, but think Apple rocks!